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310 North Main St.
Colfax WA 99111
Phone: (509) 397-6263
Fax: pef@co.whitman.wa.us

Bill Tensfeld, Director
Janel Goebel, Manager
Heather Netz, Event Coordinator
John Brink, Operations Coordinator

The main goal of the Whitman County Palouse Empire Fair is to promote, develop, and improve the agriculture, livestock, business, industry and home life of residents and visitors. Honoring traditions while conducting fairs, exhibits, entertainment, and educational programs furthers this goal. All activities should promote the fostering of good fellowship, good sportsmanship, and good citizenship and encourage the conservation of the soil and other natural resources of Whitman County.

Departmental Responsibilities
● The next Palouse Empire Fair Board meeting TBD.
● Scheduling of the facilities for year around events at the Palouse Empire Fairgrounds
● Conduct and promote the annual Palouse Empire Fair
● Maintain and improve the amenities of the facilities located at the Palouse Empire Fairgrounds
● Expanding capabilities of the facility through modernization and infrastructure refurbishing.
● Cultivating citizen participation through the development of a positive volunteer program.
● Defining the Fairgrounds as a regional resource.
● Impacting the revenue picture of the local economy.
● Showcasing the agricultural heritage of the area.
● Augmenting services available to the tourism industry of the area.

Let's Go to the Fair!

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