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Juvenile and Family Courts

400 N. Main Street-PO Box 598
Colfax WA 99111
Phone: (509) 397-5300
Fax: (509) 397-5591

Sherri Aune, Juvenile & Family Court Administrator
Colbi Earley, Secretary
Drew Lisk, Juvenile Probation
Jeff Kramer, Juvenile Diversion & Truancy
Julie Grote, Guardian ad Litem & ARY/CHINS
Lenea Keltner, CASA Program Manager

The Juvenile and Family Courts are a division of the Superior Court. The Juvenile Court staff provides for the needs of youthful offenders and holds them accountable for their criminal offenses. Probation counselors are responsible for the supervision of youthful offenders and the coordination of a diversion program which handles minor offenders. The Family Court staff works with individuals and families involved in domestic relationship cases such as dependency cases and and adult guardianships. The Juvenile and Family Court also handles Becca cases including At Risk Youth, CHINS, and Truancy.

Departmental Responsibilities
● At-Risk Youth
● CASA Program
● Diversion, Juvenile
● Guardian Ad Litem
● Juvenile Intensive Supervision
● Truancy
● CHINS Petitions


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