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Planning Division

310 N. Main Street
Colfax WA 99111
Phone: (509) 397-6206
Fax: (509) 397-6210

Alan Thomson, County Planner
Katrin Kunz, Assistant County Planner
Ginny Rumiser, Permit Technician

The Planning Division assists the public with zoning, critical area reviews and other inquiries. Staff processes applications for Certificates of Zoning Compliance, Rural Housing Certificates, Rural Residential Site Reviews, Conditional Uses, Variances, Zone Changes, SEPA Environmental checklists, Short Plats, Boundary Line Adjustments, Shoreline Permits and Aquifer Recharge reviews.

Departmental Responsibilities
● County Zoning
● County Wetlands
● County Comprehensive Plan
● Short, Long Plats, Subdivisions
● Boundary Line Adjustments
● County Shorelines
● Forest Practice Notices
● Planning Commission
● Board Of Adjustment
● Land Use Permits
● Flood Plain Permits

Whitman County Shorelines Master Plan
Whitman County Shorelines Master Plan Maps
Critical Areas Ordinance
Whitman County Comprehensive Plan
Adopted Commercial Wind Ordinance 11-16-09
Adopted Residential Wind Ordinance 10-7-09
Proposed Amendments to Cluster Residential District
Proposed Cluster Residential District Amendments to Comprehensive Plan
Amendments to Chapter 19.10
VSP - Work Plan June 2017
VSP - Minutes Feb. 28, 2018
PNW letter
Board of Adjustment
Selway Holdings, LLC Minutes
PC Meeting Feb 6, 2019
PC Agenda for March 6 2019
Final draft revisions to Chapter 9.05 CAO sent to Planning Commission
Chapter 19.10 amendments to RHC requirements
Chapter 1912 - Ammended Cluster Residential District Code for private roads and emergency vehicles
2019 3-6 CAO Hearing clean copy
2019 3-6 PC Hearing Chapter. 19.10 clean copy
PC ZC 19-01 clean Copy March 6, 2019
PC agenda for March 20, 2019
PC Joint Workshop March 20, 2019
PC April 3, 2019
PC Agenda for April 3 2019
CUP 19-01 McCoy Land Co. notice of application
CUP 19-01 McCoy Land Co notice of public hearing
PC annoucement May 1, 2019
CU 19-01 McCoy Land Co staff report executive summary
CU 19-01 McCoy Land Co staff report Exhibit 1 Attachments 1-11
CU 19-01 McCoy Land Co staff report Exhibits 2-19
CU 19-01 McCoy Land Co staff report

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