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400 N. Main Street
Colfax WA 99111
Phone: (509) 397-6220
Fax: (509) 397-6223

Robin Jones, Assessor
Robin Jones, Admin Supervisor, Current Use, Levies
Laurie Line, Personal Property, Exemptions
Jim Hawkes, Appraisals
Brenda Arthur, Appraisals
Lisa Aase, Property Transfers, Mapping

The primary responsibility of the Assessor is to see that the tax burden is distributed evenly among all property owners in the County. Washington law requires the burden to be distributed according to market values of properties. To accomplish this, the Assessor maintains accurate, up-to-date values on all property and calculates the tax to be paid by each property owner. It's his job to see that each property owner pays only his or her fair share of tax.

Departmental Responsibilities
● City Segregation
● Levies
● Maps, Plat
● Property Values, Farm
● Property Values, Mobile Homes
● Property Values, New Construction
● Property Values, Personal
● Property Values, Residential
● Tax Exemptions, Property
● Taxing Districts

Tax Sifter
Whitman County Aerial Maps
Current Use Application-Farm & Agricultural Land Classification (Chapter 84.34 RCW)
Petition for Property Tax Refund (RCW 84.60.050; 84.69.020
Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons Exemption from Real Property Taxes - 2018 Assessment for 2019 Taxes
Personal Property Return Form
2017 Levy Sheet
2018 Tax Certification
District Listing

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