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District Court

PO Box 230
Colfax WA 99111
Phone: Colfax: (509) 397-6260, Pullman: (509) 332-2065
Fax: Colfax: (509) 397-5584, Pullman: (509) 338-3318

Marlynn Markley, Court Administrator
Kris Thompson, Criminal Clerk/ Case Manager
Keaton Wheeler, Court Clerk
Kayla Brink, Financial Coordinator
Jena Moore, Court Clerk (Pullman)
Connie Ellis, Court Clerk (Pullman)

Whitman County District Court hears proceedings involving criminal misdemeanors, traffic infractions, anti-harassment and domestic violence protection petitions, petitions for name change, small claims disputes and civil disputes where the amount claimed does not exceed $50,000. District Court also provides probation services to offenders convicted of misdemeanor crimes. The probation department is actively involved in monitoring and assisting convicted defendants in the performance of their court-ordered obligations.

Departmental Responsibilities
● Bail Refunds
● Misdemeanor Processing
● Domestic Violence Protection
● Harassment Protection
● Fine Payments
● Jail Sentence Arrangements
● Jury Management, District Court
● Adult Probation, Misdemeanor
● Small Claims; Civil Suits
● Traffic Infraction Processing
● Restitution Collection & Disbursement
● Arrest Warrants
● Search Warrants
● Petitions for Name Change

Infraction Procedures
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