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Whitman Co. - Developmental Services



Early Intervention - Birth to Three Services



Children's services are designed to assist with a child's development by offering support to children. These services may include specialized therapy and/or educational services to increase participation in events typically experienced by children without disabilities. For children age birth to three, these services are called "Early Intervention Services" or "Birth to Three Services."

Early intervention has proven to be highly successful in supporting families through challenging times and in helping children achieve significant strides in their development. They are designed to identify a delay and provide services as early as possible. The services utilize the child and family's daily activities and routines, and often occur in various settings such as the child's home, day-care, local park or other community settings. Early intervention services are federally mandated under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Part C (external).

If your child has special needs, or you believe that your child may be developmentally delayed, your child may qualify for services and supports mandated under the Individuals with Disabilities Act amendments of 1997 (external). This law guarantees certain rights to young children (ages birth to 5) with special needs.



Current Provider Contact:


Early Learning Services
Gladish Community & Cultural Center
115 NW State St. Suite 105
Pullman, WA  99163

(509) 332-4420




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