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Probation Violation

Probation Violation

A probation violation (PV) is received when the defendant fails to comply with the court order. The Judge may re-impose the jail time and fines that were previously suspended on the judgment and sentence.  It is very important that you show up for your PV arraignment. If you fail to appear for this court proceeding, a warrant may issue.

When you receive the PV in the mail, read over the entire motion and affidavit for the violation.  It will explain the reasons for the PV.  Violations that include; failure to remain in contact, make payments and/or treatment requirements can be easily resolved without coming to court.  If the PV is the result of new criminal charges, you must appear in court.  It is in your best interest to call and speak with your probation officer about the options or plans regarding the violation.  Please understand, failure to appear for the scheduled court date will likely result in a warrant being issued.

On the PV arraignment day, the Judge will read the charge, you will then be given the opportunity to request a court appointed attorney, ask for a continuance, or plead guilty.  It is your decision to retain an attorney, as we cannot give legal advice.

If you plead guilty, please visit the probation office immediately after court.  We will go over the court order with you and explain how to successfully comply with the courts order.

If you have an attorney, please contact them with concerns about up coming court dates.




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