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I Just Moved To Washington From Another State…


What Are The Criteria For Establishing Residency?


For the purposes of vehicle license registration, a resident is a person who manifests intent to live or be located in this state on more than a temporary or transient basis. Evidence of residency includes but is not limited to:


  1. Becoming a registered voter in this state; or

  2. Receiving benefits under one of the Washington public assistance programs; or

  3. Declaring that he or she is a resident for the purpose of obtaining a state license or tuition fees at resident rates.

How Many Days Do I Have To Transfer My Vehicle?


Once you have established residency, you have 30 days to transfer your vehicle registration.

How Do I Go About Transferring My Vehicle?


Because every situation is different, we suggest you call our office at 509-397-5277.  However, if you have clear title to your vehicle and no changes are being made to the names of the registered owner(s) - please bring your title, your last valid registration, and Driver’s License or picture ID with you.


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