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The Whitman County Treasurer's Office services debt of other local government entities supported by the office (e.g. county, school districts, fire districts, etc.).  Debt service includes interfund loans, LOCAL (Local Option Capital Asset Lending) program loans, and bond sales.  Bond sales authorized by the county and school or other local districts are conducted by the treasurer.  A detailed record is kept of every bond and an entry on the bond register shows each bond and coupon payment.

If you are a junior taxing district interested in the LOCAL program loan, you can call us or visit the Office of the State Treasurer site for a program overview and forms.

For debt service information, please contact:

Deanna Gibler
PO Box 550
Colfax WA  99111
Phone: (509) 397-6230
Fax: (509) 397-5580
Email:  Contact

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