Whitman County
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Whitman County Courthouse
400 N Main Street
P O Box 550
Colfax, WA  99111
Phone: (509) 397-6230
Fax: (509) 397-5580

Mark R. Clinton, Treasurer

General Office Oversight,  Legislative Duties



Lori Nails, Revenue Officer

Foreclosures; Bankruptcy; Property Taxes including revised statements, address maintenance, receipting, and mortgage company receipting and resolution; Tax Adjustments; Open Space; Surplus Sales; Quarterly Leasehold Reports



Debbie Kilpatrick, Financial Specialist II

Property Taxes including  mailing tax statements, obtaining printing bids, printing revised statements, address maintenance, resolution, assist in mortgage company receipting and resolution, correspondence, and receipting



Glenda Scheideman, Financial Specialist II

School District Reports, Internal Payroll, Warrant Redemption, General Accounting Assistance, Excise Taxes and Mobile Home Movement Permits



Lana Cloaninger, Administrative Supervisor

Investments, ACH's, Advanced Travel, Resolutions of Transfers by Districts, State Remittance, Signature Authorizations and Deposit Agreements, Balancing Daily Accounting Activity



Deanna Gibler, Financial Specialist II

Bonds, Loans, Excise Taxes and Mobile Home Movement Permits, Tax Distributions - Property, Excise & Leasehold, Distribution of Monthly Financial Reports, Property Taxes including receipting, correspondence, and address maintenance; Warrant Posting, Departmental Web Site Maintenance



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