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Klemgard County Park | The Bill Chipman Palouse Trail | Wawawai County Park

Welcome to Kamiak Butte, recognized as a National Natural Landmark. The park has over five miles of forested hiking trails.  The 3.5 mile Pine Ridge Trail is part of the National Trails System!  Reaching an elevation of 3,641 feet (second highest point in Whitman County), the park offers visitors a panoramic view of the Palouse region.  Keep your eyes open as the park plays host to over 150 bird, mammal and vegetation species.  Pack a lunch and spend the day hiking trails or utilizing the day use area!  Kamiak Brochure


Increased Fire Danger Warrants Fire Restrictions In Whitman County Parks


Whitman County Parks Department has indicated that fire restrictions will be in effect as of Monday, July 3, 2017 all Whitman County Parks Department managed locations to include: Kamiak Butte County Park, Klemgard County Park, as well as the Bill Chipman Palouse Trail.''


Fire Restrictions have been in effect at Wawawai County Park since June 10th per Whitman County RFD #14 guidelines. This restriction remains in effect.


Restrictions include: campfires and smoking on trails will not be permitted within park boundaries. Cooking with charcoal briquettes or a gas grill is still an option.' All park visitors need to be prepared and vigilant; keep a bucket of water and shovel nearby when cooking.'


As a reminder to visitors, fireworks are not allowed in any of the parks.

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Park Amenities: Picnic tables with cooking grills and campfire pits, 3 small shelters (capacity 35), 1 large group shelter (capacity 100), amphitheater, hiking trails and playground.  Kamiak Butte is handicap accessible, except for some trails.  Download a self-guided nature walk brochure or pick one up at the Whitman County Parks, Recreation and Developmental Services Department in Colfax. The Pine Ridge Trail is recognized as a national Recreation Trail.  On average, the entire 3.5 mile trail may be accomplished within one to two hours.  This gated park is open from 7:00 am to dusk.  Please note during the height of fire season, this park may be closed to visitor usage.  


Shelter Reservations (Day Use Only): Reservation Requirements and Rules


Maximum Capacity

(Including Outside Seating)



Kamiak Butte Larch Shelter

(Large Group Shelter)


   1 -  100 people = $ 100.00

  Weddings/Receptions =

$250.00 minimum


Kamiak Butte Pine Shelter


   1 -  35 people = $ 100.00

' Weddings/Receptions =

$250.00 minimum


For shelter reservations, contact the Park's Office at 509-397-6238.   Please note:  Klemgard County Park's Large Group Shelter can accommodate groups up to 200, for more information on Klemgard, select Klemgard County Park, at the top of this page.


Camping: Camping in designated areas only. 7 sites are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Campers please note this is a gated park with no access into or out of the park from dusk until 7:00am.  $15.00 per night with 1 vehicle allowed.  Sites are limited to two vehicles total, please add $5.00 to camping fee for second vehicle.  Electrical and water hookups are not available.  Water is available in select locations of the campground from April 15th - October 15th.  Restrooms available year round.  Each camp site has a  picnic table and grill.  Camp sites are limited to vehicles 18' in length or smaller.  Larger vehicles are not permitted on the campground road, however, the upper parking area may be utilized for overnight accommodations.

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Directions to Kamiak Butte County Park: Description: X:\Index_Pages\Images\arrow_grn_rt.gif

From Pullman: Take State Highway 27 North 11 miles.  Turn left on Clear Creek Road for .5 mile.  Turn left on Fugate Road (Road No. 5100). Travel .5  mile to Kamiak Butte County Park Road (Rd. No. 6710) to the park entrance on the left.


From Colfax:  Take State Highway 272 (Palouse Highway) East for 5 miles .  Turn right onto Clear Creak Road for 7 miles.  Take a sharp right onto Fugate Road (Road No. 5100).  Travel .5 mile to Kamiak Butte County Park Road (Road No. 6710) to the park entrance on the left.


For information or to reserve a shelter, contact (509) 397-6238

Whitman County Parks and Recreation Department

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