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Pullman, Washington Lamont, Washington Ewan, Washington Malden, Washington Pine City, Washington Rosalia,Washington Oakesdale,Washington Tekoa, Washington Farmington, Washington St. John, Washnington Steptoe, Washington Elberton, Washington Garfield,Washington Winona,Washington Endicott, Washington Palouse, Washington Colfax, Washington Albion, Washington Dusty, Washington LaCrosse, Washington Hooper, Washington Hay, Washington Riparia, Washington Colton, Washington Uniontown, Washington Whitman County Community Map

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Colton, population 325, is a growing community 15 miles south of Pullman on Hwy 195. It's school district is consolidated with Uniontown, which creates a great atmosphere of youth and excitement. Historical St. Gall's Catholic Church was built in 1905.


Endicott, population 320, is nestled among rolling fields of wheat 36 miles northwest of Pullman. Visit a traditional farming community in the heart of the Palouse. Pleasant Times Antiques and Tea Room is a real treat.


Farmington, population 126, is a small community located 35 miles north of Pullman. This lovely community among the tall Pine trees is mainly residential and has several homes on the National Historical Register.


Garfield, population 544, is located 25 miles north of Pullman on Hwy 27. Garfield is a small but growing town. Visit the various National Historical Sites listed on page 19. Garfield Chamber of Commerce, 509-635-1516.


LaCrosse, population 336, is 45 miles west of Pullman on Hwy 26. LaCrosse is a step back in time to the small town way of life. This old farming community is a great place to visit on a tour of the Palouse.


Oakesdale, population 346, is 38 miles north of Pullman on Hwy 27. Oakesdale is one of the oldest communities in the state and has several homes and buildings on the National Historical Register. Oakesdale Chamber of Commerce, 509-285-4771.


Palouse, population 1015, at the junction of Hwy 27 and Hwy 272. 15 miles north of Pullman, 17 miles east of Colfax and 10 miles south of Garfield. Contact Palouse Chamber of Commerce or City of Palouse at 878-1811 - "Palouse - A City and A Region"


Rosalia, population 552, is a rapidly growing community 43 miles north of Pullman and 33 miles south of Spokane on Hwy 195. A 300-acre housing development is planned for many people commuting daily to Spokane. Rosalia Chamber of Commerce, 509-523-5991.


St. John, population 499, is 40 miles north of Pullman. St. John is a very active farming community, with a community center and nine-hole golf course.


Tekoa, population 900 is 49 miles north of Pullman on Hwy. 27. This small farming community continues to grow as many Spokane commuters call Tekoa home. The town has many small businesses, a convalescent home, recreational facilities and a golf course. Don't miss the Touch of Texas Cafe!


Uniontown, population 380, is a small growing community 18 miles south of Pullman. St. Boniface Church is the first consecrated Catholic Church in the state of Washington and is on the National Historical Register. Visit Splendid Old Stuff antiques in Uniontown.


There is no information on the following communities: Dusty, Elberton, Ewan, Hay, Hooper, Lamont, Malden, Pine City, Riparia, Steptoe, Thornton and Winona.

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