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Whitman Co. - Developmental Services



Whitman County Developmental Disability Advisory Board 



Whitman County's Developmental Disability Board and staff are critical to the development and delivery of community services that meet the needs of people with disabilities, this includes addressing the issue of individuals who are currently unserved and waiting for support services. As representatives of the community, county board members have an advocacy responsibility on behalf of people with disabilities and their families. Board members are also in a unique position to share information with other community members. They are also responsible for gathering information and deciding the direction and need for services. 

Active community boards and staff are influencing the direction of state contracted community services. They are also shaping generic community services by offering information and suggestions during local planning and decision-making efforts. Most important, boards are beginning to influence and change the ability of communities to support and welcome people with developmental disabilities. To increase effectiveness, counties should take their guidance from people with disabilities and their families to increase people's experience and presence in communities.

Some examples of ways Counties can begin addressing the above for all people, including individuals who are unserved are by: 

  • Advocating for accessible, affordable housing and transportation;

  • Advocating and supporting integrated recreational opportunities;

  • Promoting employment opportunities in the public and private sector;

  • Educating and advocating for equitable, affordable medical services; 

Residents of Whitman County interested in assisting individuals with developmental disabilities and their families are invited to apply for Board membership.

Whitman County is interested in a balanced representation on the Board, in terms of ethnicity, occupation, geographic location, and experience with developmental disability issues. All interested individuals and individuals with developmental disabilities living in the area are strongly encouraged to apply.

The process below will be followed in appointing members to the Board:

  • Applicants complete and send in an application.
  • Applicants interview with other Board members and the Whitman County Developmental Disabilities Coordinator, who then forward their recommendations to the Members of the Advisory Board.
  • The Advisory Board votes to approve the nominee as an incoming Board member or denies the approval.
  • Nominees who are appointed by the Whitman County Executive must complete a job description outlining their responsibilities to the Board, a criminal history background check form, and acknowledgement of confidentiality and conflict of interest.

Please contact the Whitman County Developmental Disabilities Services Coordinator for an application and further information.

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