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Alcohol/Drug Treatment

Most convictions for alcohol/drug related charges require a chemical dependency evaluation. The evaluation must be completed by a state certified agency. WSU is not a state certified agency. You must have an evaluation completed and submit the paperwork to the probation office by the date of compliance, which will be provided by the probation office. Failure to comply with the obligations will result in the filing of a probation violation.

Local Treatment agencies:

Palouse River                                 Palouse Recovery

340 Maple Street NE                        1240 SE Bishop Blvd. Ste. P
Pullman, WA 99163                          Pullman, WA 99163

Ph: 509-334-1133                            Ph: 509-334-0718

If you live outside of Whitman County, please try this website for local treatment agencies. Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator: http://dasis3.samhsa.gov/ or look in your yellow pages.

When you go in for your evaluation, please sign a release of information.  The treatment provider will not send us a copy of the evaluation or any proof of enrollment without this release.

When you receive your evaluation results, have your counselor explain the recommendations.  Per court order, you MUST comply with the treatment recommendations.  You must start the recommended treatment program ASAP.  If the evaluation recommends  you ONLY need to attended ADIS (Alcohol/Drug Information School) class then this must be done by your date of compliance.

Please call/email your Probation Officer if you do not understand what is required.


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