Benefits Information

2021 Health Benefits

Effective January 1, 202

Whitman County has partnered with Washington Counties Insurance Fund (WCIF)

Enrollment for benefits are done through the SIMON portal.

2021 Required Notices

2021 Health Insurance Rates

Note:  Final out of pocket expenses are determined by Human Resources 

2021 Medical Insurance Plans




  • Washington Teamsters

2021 Vision Plans

Non-Rep, CBU and SWBU -  Employees cannot waive Vision or Dental benefits.  

RBU, COSS - Employees cannot waive Vision or Dental benefits.

  • Teamsters Vision

2021 Dental Plans

Non-Rep, CBU, RBU and SWBU - Employees cannot waive Vision or Dental benefits.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - 800-777-4114

First Choice Health -  Free and Confidential services with 24/7 Access 

Access to convenient PRIVATE VIRTUAL THERAPY - anytime, anywhere! 

EAP website:


Contact EAP for support with:

Family Support Services:  Crisis Support, Parenting Resources, Child and Eldercare, Education Planning and Referral Services

Health Services: Wellness Promotion, Health Risk Assessments, Anxiety/Depression, Drug/Alcohol Issues, Nurse Line

Life Changes: Home Ownership, Legal Advice, Financial Advice, ID Theft and Fraud Resolution

SIMON Portal

  1. Follow the instructions in SIMON Employee Self Registration Instructions
    1. Employee User Guide
    2. Employee Self Registration 
  2. If you will be continuing your FSA, HSA, VEBA Family Attestation or Waiver of Coverage, you must re-enroll.  
    • FSA, HSA, VEBA Family Attestation or Waiver of Coverage documents must be uploaded in SIMON
  3. For additional information and a screen shot of the main SIMON page, click the SIMON link or click here